eHealth Seminar


Seminar e-Health at EMMI / Ministry of Human Capacities

To this large-scale conference, co-organized with The Embassy of Belgium and the Health 2.0 Hungary Chapter, both Belgium and Hungary delegated governmental decision makers and influential corporate leaders, active in the field of Health Informatics. They presented their assessment of the e-Health landscape and shared best practices and opportunities for both countries.

Speakers and participants to the panel discussion:
Dr. Pacsay-Tomassich Orsolya / EMMI, Ministry of Human Capacities
Peter Sterck / BELGABIZ
Mickael Daubie / RIZIV /National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance, BE
Vartus Gergely / EMMI, Ministry of Human Capacities
Kajtár Péter / AGFA Healthcare, on behalf of COCIR, European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry
Héja Gergely / EMMI, Ministry of Human Capacities
Olivier Billiau/ Televic Healthcare
Graselli Norbert / Bay Zoltán Non-profit Ltd.
Franz Tiani / Healthcare
Solymos Ákos / QUADRON Cybersecurity Ltd
Szabó Éva / Sanatmetal Kft.
Dries Vanbierfliet / AEXIS Medical
Sepp Norbert / IBM Watson.
Rab Máté / DTMP
Moderator: Dr. PÉNZES János / Richter Gedeon Plc.