Seminar Cross Sector Cooperation


Seminar “Cross Sector Cooperation” in K&H Auditorium

Collaboration within the value-chain reduces costs, saves time, and improves efficiency. This is especially true for the development of new, innovative, creative materials used in various sectors. It is necessary to join forces to be able to create complex, reliable and cost-effective products. Successful partnerships are based on win-win situations among the different actors, such as private businesses, sectorial organizations, universities and RDI centres.
The aim of the seminar was to identify mutual interests for cooperation, to stimulate innovation and business development, to generate new investments and – after all – to succeed in the 21st century’s business world.

Mórucz Norbert / IPE / Association of Industrial, Science, Innovation and Technology Parks
Guido Verhoeven / SIM / Strategic Initiative Materials in Flanders
Tanguy Huybrechs and Marc Noël / AWEX-Invest in Wallonia
Dr. Babcsán Norbert / InnoBay Hungary Ltd.
Ékes Ákos / K&H Bank Business Development

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