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New Whistleblowing Law: A burden or a chance to develop trust?


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Whistleblowing Law: A burden or a chance to develop trust? 

Discover the EU Whistleblower Directive with us! 🌟

Join our webinar to learn all about this European directive. We’ll break down its background and explain what it means for you.

Think your company is immune to scandals? The Whistleblower Directive reveals why no organization is too small to benefit.
How can transparency within your company strengthen trust with employees and customers? The Whistleblower Directive holds the key.
Can a culture of accountability drive success? The Whistleblower Directive shows how ethical leadership shapes a resilient business.

Discover “your voice by delaware” – delaware Hungary and Visegrad+ Legal teamed up to work out an innovative and easy-to-use solution to meet the demands of this directive to ensure seamless compliance.


The Whistleblower Directive came into force on December 17, 2021. This marked the official start of its application across the European Union, setting the stage for the implementation of its guidelines and protections for whistleblowers reporting breaches of EU law.

This directive aims to encourage a culture of accountability and transparency by protecting whistleblowers from retaliation and ensuring their disclosures are properly handled and investigated.

The Whistleblower Directive is important for smaller companies as well, as it provides a structured, protective environment that encourages the reporting of misconduct, ultimately safeguarding these organizations from potential harm while promoting transparency and ethical practices.

The language of the event is English.


Come onboard to understand the directive and how to stay compliant.

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