Business Breakfast

“Whistleblower Directive in Practice”


Café Mizaru

Business Breakfast “Whistleblowing Law: A burden or a chance to develop trust?”

BELGABIZ & DUTCHAM organized a business breakfast on the EU Whistleblower Directive to gain insights and learn about the best practices, bottlenecks of company practices. The directive aims to encourage a culture of accountability and transparency by protecting whistleblowers from retaliation and ensuring their disclosures are properly handled and investigated.

Dr. Ádám Illés, Managing Partner of Visegrad+ Legal gave a compact overview of the directive’s legislative background, the challenges and opportunities it poses, and its impact on the companies’ compliance practices.
Károly Poór&Bence Horváth (job titles) from delaware Hungary presented their software, called “your voice” which is an affordable and easy-to-use whistleblowing solution for companies of all sizes.

The culture of speaking up and standing up is a workplace culture that encourages employees to feel free to ask their questions, give feedback. Traditionally, this is not typical behaviour in Hungarian society. We rather shy away from standing up for ourselves. The good news is that step by step we can support the mindshift with a supportive and open company culture, where employees are encouraged to express their concerns about certain issues without having to fear any negative consequences for them.
We appreciate the active contribution of Dr. Enikő Takács, Compliance advisor, K&H Group; Attila Sándor, IT director, WÜRTH Magyarország and Dr. Orsolya Nagy, Compliance Specialist, NN Insurance Co. Ltd. in the panel discussion.